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Many smokers are switching to vaping these days. This is a relatively new concept of tobacco replacement. Some people use it as a smoking cessation tool, others use it purely as a substitute for cigarettes. Unlike normal smoking, vaping produces almost no harmful substances. This makes it much less harmful than regular smoking. Besides the fact that it is better for health, it is a lot cheaper than regular smoking. In addition to tobacco replacement vaporizers, there are vaporizers that are used for cannabis use. We will go into this last category in more detail below.

Best vaporizers 2021

There is a lot of choice when it comes to vaporizers. That is why we have listed the best vaporizers for you. The best vaporizers are tested against a number of criteria: price; quality; durability and user-friendliness.


The Arizer solo 2 is the successor to the Arizer solo 1. The vaporizer is very well built and intended to last for years. The long mouthpiece ensures that the smoke is cooled before it is inhaled, resulting in less irritation in the user's throat. The temperature is adjustable so that the user can decide for himself whether he or she only wants THC, CBD or a combination of these to be burned. The heating element responsible for combustion is based on convection.

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The G Pen Elite is a new vaporizer with a very modern design. Just like the Arizer Solo 2, the G Pen Elite has adjustable temperature and convection heating. This varies from 93 – 220 degrees Celsius. The G Pen Elite has a very large space that can hold no less than 0.75 grams of cannabis.


The Firefly 2plus is known for its 'instant vape'. The vaporizer hardly takes time to warm up and can be used after only three to five seconds. In addition, the vaporizer cools down quickly when not in use so that no material is lost. The Firefly 2plus also comes with an app.


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