Do you live in the Tilburg area? And are you looking to get your driver’s license? Whether you’re an expat or an international student or living in the province of North-Brabant for whichever other reason: you’re definitely not the only English speaker in the area looking for driving lessons. In this article, we will help you get on your way toward finding a driving school in the area.

First step: the written test

In the Netherlands, the authority that issues driving licenses is the Centraal Bureau voor Rijvaardigheid (CBR). There are two steps that one has to take in order to obtain a Dutch driver’s license. The first one is a written test, the so-called ‘theorie-examen’.

The test itself can be scheduled directly on the CBR’s website. However, given that many students fail the test once or twice, many driving schools offer lessons that prepare for this exam.

Finding a suitable driver’s education company

Regardless of whether you live in Tilburg or in towns in the vicinity such as Gilze, Rijen, Dongen or Goirle, most driving schools service the whole area. Many companies offer an initial trial lesson. Based on this in-take they will assess the number of driving lessons you need. 

When comparing driving schools, one first step you can take to assess the quality of the lessons is by looking at the reviews. In addition, on the CBR’s web site the pass rates are published. In order to make an adequate comparison between the driving schools in Tilburg, it is also important to contact the driving school. Just by talking to the person you get on the phone, you can get a sense of whether this is a school you feel comfortable with. In the conversation, you can also ask for the prices of both the packages and for individual lessons. When doing so, it is recommended you inform if these are lessons for a full hour of ones for 45 or 50 minutes. It is also important to inquire whether you will always have the same instructor and what kind of car you will be driving.

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