The internet occupies a prominent place in our existence. Developments do not wait. Many trends can be seen. Work is underway to maintain a kind of privacy online and there is, for example, the GDPR law for the protection of personal data. Yet we all know that privacy is increasingly being lost. What does the future look like and what are the developments?


Who has already experienced it? You are sitting on the couch with your boyfriend or girlfriend. She or he is looking for something on the internet… And? Then you’ll see a sponsored post on Facebook about what your friend was looking for. Well, the link is not far to find, you have a lot of app contact with each other and we all know who owns Facebook and Whatsapp. Developments in this area will of course continue. That is also the expectation, because no matter how many rules there are and can be made: it is possible… and some webshops also use this.

Product management tool and UX research

Customer data is becoming increasingly important. If you want to stay ahead of technology, a product management tool and UX research are becoming increasingly important. With UX research, people try to better understand the behavior of potential customers.

Market insight

One of the most common user research types is market insight. This is necessary to know what your competitors are doing to stay ahead. In addition, it is also crucial to get to know new trends that may not be popular yet, so that you can incorporate them into your design before everyone else does!

There are several methods that companies can use to perform this type of analysis. Think of competitive intelligence and market analysis, to get a head start on quantitative research. You can assess a website analysis of competitors, such as conversion rates or page views.

Some of the benefits of market insight are:

– It provides valuable information about competitive intelligence

– It helps you stay ahead of your competitors and keep up with the latest trends

– It’s easy to perform

Market insight is essential for UX research, as it provides valuable information about competitive intelligence, explores the latest trends before the competition does, and helps you stay ahead of the competition.